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dementia care

When is it time to choose Memory Care?

Are you struggling as your loved one develops significant memory impairment or dementia? It’s not uncommon to feel stuck, or […]
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A Visit with Dementia

If you plan to visit with loved ones who have dementia, please don’t start out with questions. If you do, […]
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The Denial of Dementia

In my experience I have only come across one symptom of dementia that appears to be contagious . . . […]
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Stranger in the House: Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

For many families, watching a person develop Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be like having a stranger in the house. […]
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Asking Family Members for Help

Having been a caregiver for the past two decades, I can tell you with the voice of experience that it […]
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The Essence of Dementia Care

At Sunshine Gardens, we understand the essence of dementia and the challenges it brings to families. Whether you have a […]
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